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 Wadsworth Family History

In conjunction with the Wadsworth Family Reunion held in Geneseo, NY on July 1-3, 2022, a number of programs about the history of the family were presented. Here are the links to watch them on YouTube:

1. "The Wadsworths of Avon NY." A resentation by Corrin Strong of Geneseo, NY and William Wadsworth of Tuxedo, Junction, NY at the Livingston County museum on July 3, 2022. In this talk, Corrin covers a less well-known branch of the family that came to Avon in 1792 and were mainly gone from Avon within 100 years. William Wadsworth then talks abount members of his "Joseph Wadsworth" branch that settled in Ohio and their later adventures in California. YouTube link:

2.  "Who was Daniel Wadsworth?" Adrian Wadsworth of Maine (A member of thje WIlliam Wadsworth branch) gives the early history of the Wadsworth Family in America, starting with the arrival of the original William Wadsworth in Boston in 1632 and discussing the next 6 generations mainly around Hartford, Ct.

YouTube link:

A PDF copy of the Simplified Wadsworth geneaology used in the video can be downloaded here:

More complete genealogy charts for the descendants of WIlliam Wadsworth can be found here:

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