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 Wadsworth Genealogy

The Wadsworth Institute is interested in tracing all descendants of the original William Wadsworth who arrived on the good ship Lion (Lyon) in Boston in 1632. William was believe to have been born in Long Buckby, Northhamptonshire, England in 1594 and died at Hartford Ct. in 1675.

 Since recent DNA analysis has shown that Christopher Wadsworth who reportedly arrived on the same ship was not actually related to William, we are not following that line. The Christopher Wadsworth family has a very worthy line that includes such famous people as poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ezra Pound, however, we have our hands full just tracking down our own family!

Below you will find the known descendants of William Wadsworth broken into five separate charts in pdf files that can be downloaded. The first three charts show descendants through his first wife Sarah Talcott. The 4th and 5th charts show descendants through his second wife, Elizabeth Stone.

Notes: These charts are works in progress and I would like your help making them more accurate. If you don't know which chart your family is on, and are unable to search the charts, please let me know details of your family connection and I may be able to tell you what chart to find your line on.

If you find any inaccuracies and/or can fill in any missing pieces, please contact me at: Also, due to space limitations, we have only included the male descendants in these charts. Finally, although the charts can be downloaded for research purposes, they are protected by Copyright for any other purposes.

Since I own a print shop I can also provide hard copies printed out on 3-foot wide paper if you wish. Send me an email for quote, although you may want to wait until the charts have been made more accurate!

All of the descendants through the Talcott line are from William's son John who was born in Braintree, England in 1625 and accompanied his father on the ship Lion. He married Sarah Stanley and died in 1689.

Chart 1: The first chart covering the descendants of three of the sons of John Wadsworth: Samuel (1660-1731), Deacon John (1662-1718), and Ensign Nathaniel ((1644-1761) is here: Wads_top_#1.pdf

Chart 2: The second chart covering the descendants of Captain William Wadsworth, son of John Wadsworth is here: Wadstop2.pdf

Chart 3: The third chart covering the descendants of Col. James Wadsworth, the son of John Wadsworth is here:

Finally all of the descendants through William's second wife Elizabeth Stone line are from William's sons Thomas and  Captain Joseph Wadsworth (of Charter Oak fame). They are on

Chart 4: Descendant of Thomas Wadsworth Wadsbottom4.pdf

Chart 5: Descendant of Captain Joseph Wadsworth Wadsbottom5.pdf

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